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Special Edition of the Bridge – Fall 2017 Conference Recap !! 

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Zonta District 15 Fall Conference Recap
Official Zonta Mission: Zonta International is a leading global organization of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy.

A Note from Governor Anna Sylvester

Wow! And thank you for attending the Fall Conference. The theme, “explore, engage, empower,” was relevant and resonated through every speaker and presentation at the Conference. As Zontians we do volunteer and overcommit ourselves, so if you were unable to attend please ask your club member(s) that were able to be present to share their experience and knowledge gained.
Another big thank you is for helping with the District Service Project. District 15 always provides very generous support and this time you excelled. Thanks to you, 22 tubs and many more bags and boxes of goods were donated. Mitzi Brown from the Shelterhouse in Midland said, “We are so blessed and honored by such an amazing group of women.  Thanks.”
The idea now is to follow-up with your local crisis centers to see if there are needs your club can support. The significant statement I heard from a director of the center was, “Thank you, as we can now focus on client care versus fundraising.” You did this, we did this, resulting in a relevant and successful mission related service project.
The follow-up advocacy project resulted in all the postcards going in either the “Zonta mailbox” or going home with clubs for other members to complete. Thank you for your support in this. Keep reading The Bridge as we follow the representatives and see which ones take action. And if you would like to have more ideas for advocacy action such as this, please let us know and our District 15 advocacy chair will research the issue and draft language to use. This is for both Canada & the US.
The Friday “fun night” was a non-traditional event as we watched the documentary, Little Stones by Sophia Kruz. Thank you for all the support you have given her over the last several years. The final production showcases some of the many causes we advocate for in Zonta.
The sedate Friday evening was followed up by an active Saturday evening as the dueling pianos entertained us and inspired us to move with the music. This culminated in the MSU fight song winning over the UM fight song due to our Zonta members MSU cheerleader performance.
Talk about inspiring and motivating, Elizabeth McCormick of Soar to Success certainly showed us how to accomplish our DUI’s. I have been hearing many of you continue to speak her language. This was meant to help empower you so you can better empower others.
Finally, thank you again for your club pledges to Zonta International Foundation. You can send your check in at anytime and you want to do so prior to April so District 15 receives credit for a 100% club giving District. Your personal donations are what help reach the ZIF goals; thank you for more than $5,000 in donations at Conference! Also please consider doing a “Every member every November” donation. Remember, the Zonta International Birthday/Anniversary is Nov 8. Our International Treasurer and District 15 liaison, Bridget Masters, challenged us to a recurring monthly gift. Several members signed up and Bridget will match the amount of the first month’s donations.
Governor Anna
Zonta International Foundation Report
Bonnie McArthur – Foundation Ambassador
Generosity at District Conference Was Amazing!
Thanks to all who have already donated, contributed at the District 15 conference, or pledged to Zonta International Foundation this biennium. Some conference highlights:
  • Club giving is at 80%. Only 7 more clubs need to send their club contribution and we will be a 100% giving district. Let’s get this done!
  • At least one club – Roscommon – is at 100% individual giving.
  • Our international rep, Bridget Masters, offered to match the 1stmonth’s donation of any new, recurring monthly donor. Eight members signed up for a total of $225 per month, or $1,800 between now and May 2018; plus the additional $225 from Bridget.
  • Sixty nine individuals donated a total of $5,739 during the weekend.
  • Clubs pledged $4,282 to ZIF for 2017-18.
All of this, plus the $55,514 already received through 9/30/17, adds up to $103,715 in gifts from District 15 for the current biennium. And we still have seven months to go.
Obstetric Fistula victims in Liberia, adolescent girls in Madagascar and Niger, human trafficking victims in Nepal, Amelia Earhart fellows, Jane M. Klausman scholarship winners, YWPA award recipients all are touched by the generosity of District 15 Zontians. We do believe we can change the world. Thanks!
Denise Sylvester
Thank you to everyone at the 2017 District 15 Fall Conference for embracing our advocacy call to action.  For those who missed out, we learned about the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, H.R. 1949 / S. 856, what the issue is, what the legislation does, and that both of Michigan’s Senators are co-sponsors for this bi-partisan legislation.

We also learned that only Representative Kildee is a co-sponsor on the House side.  Therefore, we filled out postcards for our U.S. Representatives (for those in Michigan), educating them about the Act and asking that they co-sponsor and support the legislation. Below is the language for the post card if clubs would like to continue on as a project with their members and/or community.

Finally, don’t feel intimidated to call or contact your members of congress at the state/provincial and national level – they count the number of times they hear from constituents on an issue. It took a long time for women to get the right to vote, let your voices be heard.

Text to use in postcards:

Current Federal Law supports colleges to under-report sexual assaults of students. The bipartisan Campus Accountability and Safety Act, H.R.1949 / S.856 would protect students and professionalize the response to and reporting of sexual assault in the following ways:
  • Establishes new campus resources and support services for student survivors.
  • Requires fairness in campus disciplinary process.
  • Ensures minimum training standards for on-campus personnel.
  • Creates historic new transparency requirements
  • Ensures coordination with law enforcement.
  • Establishes stiffer penalties for violations.
I have learned of this issue from Zonta International District 15, which supports this legislation.  As your constituent, I ask that you support the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, bring this bipartisan legislation to a vote, and vote in favor of its passage.
Midland Club

Suffragettes, advocacy, membership drive, ZIF, Golden Zs, SANE, CAE, LMS, district finances, Madagascar – we learned about all these at Fall Conference, and – oh yes, how to fly a helicopter! It was quite a busy weekend, if you weren’t there – let’s bring you up to speed with a quick recap (no helicopter lessons though).

The 2017 Fall Conference, put on by the

Amelia and Karla

District Board and the Zonta Club of Midland, opened with welcoming remarks from District Governor Anna Sylvester, Midland mayor Maureen Donker, ZI President Sonja Honig Schough, and Zonta Club of Midland President Karla Oldenberg. Sonja addressed the group via video; all video and Power Point presentations as well as the conference program are available at

Friday evening’s keynote speaker, Dr. Caitlyn Perry Dial, executive director of the Michigan Women’s Historical Center and Hall of Fame, reviewed the suffragette movement in Michigan – how it took years of work by many courageous women and men to empower women with the right to vote. The evening was capped off with a viewing of Little Stones documentary – an award-winning film that unites the personal narratives of four women around the world using art to create positive change in their communities. Director Sophia Kruz opened the show with a video message and thank you for the support she has received from the district.
Voting for district officers for the 2018-20 biennium began early Saturday and was followed by a review of the Zonta International membership drive goals presented by Celina Shoji and Denise Kiepert. Mari McKenzie then presented the treasury report and budget for the next biennium. The financial reports are available in the conference program. An increase of $5 for District dues was approved.
The Status of Women’s Luncheon kicked off with recognizing youth – the Young Women in Public Affairs scholarship winner Norah Johnson and the seven Golden Z members from Olivet and Northwood Colleges in attendance. These outstanding young ladies are the leaders of the future.

Janine Ouderkirk, Shelterhouse/The

Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault of Midland Gladwin Counties graciously accepted the donations from the District for use by the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Program (Shelterhouse) and Saginaw Area Crisis Center. We then learned about what a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) program is and how the nurses and advocates aid victims of sexual assault and their families.

Club and individual donations support the Zonta International Foundation and Zonta’s global advocacy projects.  Through 9/30 District clubs and members donated $55,154 and pledged and additional $42,821. Donations during the conference brought in $5,739 for a total of $103,714 for the foundation. Bonnie McArthur brought us up to date on the two ZIF projects for this biennium: The Elimination of Obstetric Fistula and Reduction of Maternal and Newborn Mortality in Liberia and Let Us Learn Madagascar: An Integrated Program for Adolescent Girls.
Zonta International is launching an exciting new Learning Management System (LMS) to help develop leadership skills at the member, club, district and international level. Jacquie Gudmondson provided an overview of this web- based program and announced that the first modules will be available for Zontians later this year.
The results of the delegate voting, and the 2018-20 District 5 board and nominating committee were announced. The new board will be inducted in mid-2018.  The 2018-2020 board is:

Joy Smith, Governor

DeAnna Cambridge, Lt Governor
Mari McKenzie, Treasurer
Lani Ochs, Area 1 Director
Deb Jackson, Area 2 Director
Bea King, Area 3 Director
Deborah Godfrey, Area 4 Director
Cheryl Hall, Nominating Committee, Chair
Susan Noakes, Nominating Committee
Bonnie Odom-Brown, Nominating Committee

Saturday evening everyone brought out their finest with fancy shoes, that special

Dancing Saturday Night

outfit and lots of bling to mix and mingle at the Governor’s reception and banquet. During the evening members and clubs were recognized for exceptional years of membership (30+!), membership recruiting and high percentage attendance at the conference (congratulations Roscommon!). The celebration continued with lots of singing and dancing to tunes old and new including a battle between the UM and MSU fight songs – including an expert rendition of the MSU cheer!

Elizabeth and Karla

Sunday’s keynote speaker Elizabeth McCormick riveted everyone with her story of how she defied the odds and became a Black Hawk helicopter pilot. Her experiences taught her to believe in and motivate herself to work hard, accomplish her goals and become a Rock Star! Elizabeth shared her P.I.L.O.T. program (Potential, Implementation, Leadership, Optimize, Tenacity) and used hands on activities to show how we can influence our own outcome by adjusting our attitude and effectively managing our to-do lists.

The conference wrapped up with a review of the upcoming events that every member must have on their calendar:
Spring Workshops: Area 1&2 April 28, 2018; Area 3&4 May 5, 2018
Zonta International Convention: June 29-July 3, Yokohama, Japan
Governor’s Summit: October 20, 2018, Owosso, MI
District 15 2019 Fall Conference: October 18-20, 2019, Detroit, MI
There were 148 attendees at Fall Conference and 107 (or 72 percent) surveys returned.
Here are some of the results:
17.8        Area 1
29.9        Area 2
24.3        Area 3
21.5        Area 4
6.5          Didn’t fill out Area info
What was the purpose of attending the conference:
30           Fellowship
23           Networking
20           Learn
15           Delegate
9             Education
5             Vote
Did conference fulfill your purpose?
98%        yes
2%          left blank
Rate overall impression of conference:
85%        excellent
Rate registration process**
85%        excellent
Rate location:
85%        excellent
Rate venue:
92%        excellent
Rate agenda – topics
93%        excellent
Would you attend again
82%        yes
18%        didn’t respond
**There were no FAIR or POOR ratings, except 1 person rated registration FAIR.
Many comments of well organized, food excellent, service excellent, best conference ever or in a long time.
Best entertainment: Dueling Pianos, Little Stones and Anna.

Congratulations to our very own Adrienne McCormick for receiving the Governor’s Award this year for all of her work on launching our new websites!
Say “tech yeah!” today

Also, many thanks to Kristine Armaly, Area 4; Cindy Vickery, Area 2; and Amber Theriault, Area 1 for volunteering to help with the District 15 Facebook page.  Kathy Bardins, the current admin, will get in touch with you soon!

Below: Your Tech Yeah! Committee: Raquel Boone, Gail Johnson, Lynn Reed, Adrienne McCormick and Denise Keipert!

District 15 Conference’s Empowerment Keynote Speaker Elizabeth McCormick promised her closing TENACITY story about nearly crashing the helicopter:
LINK for a Newsletter:
And her Confidence Boosting Strategies for you (or to share): 
Strategy #1:  Boost Your Confidence by being aware of your language you use with yourself or others:
LINK for a Newsletter:
Strategy #2:  Delete your negative thinking that doesn’t serve you
LINK for the Newsletter:
Strategy #3:  Create Your Invisible Suit of Armor of Positivity
LINK for the Newsletter:
ZCELA at Fall Conference

Traverse City Club_ top left to right_ Val Contanche_ Susan Noakes_ Deb Jackson. Bottom L to R_ Rose Coleman_ Rhonda Estes.  Great conference and speakers.  Very motivational and great ideas to take home.

Gaylord Zontians at Conference.  Amber Theriault: My take away from Conference was from the inspirational speaker, Elizabeth McCormick.  She encouraged us to tackle that huge to-do list.  When we feel overwhelmed, to take a big breath (feeding our brains with oxygen) and ask ourselves out loud, “What’s next?”  She taught us how to break down that list into manageable tasks and to tackle the most difficult task first.  She encouraged us to cross items off our written to-do lists because it releases feel-good endorphins.

Another great take-away: Jacquie Gudmundsen told us about the leadership training modules that will soon be posted on the Zonta International website. There will be many modules about 10 minutes in length covering everything from parliamentary procedure to leadership skills.  They will be great tools to show during Zonta meetings or simply as members wanting to learn more.

Pictured from Left to Right: Raquel Boone, Nancy Schaub, and Lynne Reed)
Conference was a great reminder to me as to how amazing we all are individually and how even more amazing and effective we are as a unit/team! In short, the speakers and presentations were inspiring, motivating and engaging. I especially loved the last keynote speaker we had, Elizabeth McCormick. She reminded us how powerful our minds and thoughts are – they can either work for us or against us. Remembering that little nugget will allow us to soar and fly!
I am proud to be a member of the D15 PR Committee and am very honored to work with this team of ladies. For the remainder of our term, we will be continuing to improve, enhance and work out bugs on our D15 Facebook Page and the D15 Website along with the club pages that are managed by our committee. During conference, a presentation was given by part of our team re: current website status, website update requests with some Q&A. We were also able to get some volunteers for assisting with the maintenance of the D15 Facebook Page postings for area/club events. Tech Yeah! J

Lansing Club, L to R: Melody Atwood, treasurer; Lisa Barcy, president; Jacqueline Pulford, past president.  We had a great time connecting with new and old friends.  Can’t wait for future gatherings.

Patty Johnson, delegate, Ludington Club.  The theme of Explore, Engage and Empower was apropos.  We got to explore other clubs’ ideas during the roundtable discussions on Friday and engage in the selection of our district leaders and the broader picture of international service through foundation presentations. The Sunday speaker vibrantly urged us on to be the best we can be through self-empowerment!

Gayle Manley, Zonta Club of Sault Ste. Marie, with Governor Anna.  Excellent speakers, including an inspiring speech from Governor Anna, great venue, great food and fun!  Viewing the video, Little Stones, stood out for me because I had been at the first Fall Conference when Sophia Kruz came to talk about her project, Creating 4 Change – an amazing creative transformation!  Thank you to the Zonta Board and the Zonta Club of Midland for an excellent Fall Conference!

Zonta Club of Metro Detroit – Grace Chang and Bonnie Odom-Brown. Takeaway from President, Gloria Patterson:
 My takeaway from the Fall Conference is that it was very successful.  As of a matter of fact, one of my Club members sent a email to the members who didn’t make the conference telling them how great the conference was going.  I had a opportunity to Explore, Engage, and feel Empowered.  I explored Downtown Midland, with visits to a deli, Farmers market and Peel n’ Pare, “Gifts for the Kitchen,” store.  I Engaged with other Delegates and Zontians in the Round Table Discussions, and found 5 Weird Marketing Tips for Your Zonta Fundraiser very informative.  I learned about some of the struggles and successes other Zonta Clubs have had.  I was privileged to be able to nominate one of our Club members, Bonnie Odom Brown, to be part of The Nominating Committee of 2018-2020.  I was Empowered and inspired by our Keynote Speakers.
Everything was great from the accommodations, food, and even the candy on the tables, also the candy bags from the Zonta Club of Mt. Pleasant was very nice.

Laura Klar and Kim Winokur, president, Zonta Club of Marquette.  Takeaway:

We brought home many exciting ideas for service and advocacy projects and a goal for our club of 100% individual contributions to ZI.  Great networking opportunities.  inspiring, empowering speakers, great service and advocacy projects to take back to MQT Club.
Thank you very much!!!
The Zonta Club of Pontiac-North Oakland had three presenters at this year’s fall conference.  Gail Johnson spoke on District 15 technology issues, Bonnie McArthur informed us about the  Foundation and Let Us Learn Madagascar, and Jacquie Gudmundsen  discussed the new learning modules that will focus on leadership in Zonta.  Two other club members attended the conference, club president Marilyn Valeri Colton and club Vice President Jackie McCarroll.

Roscommon club!

Other photos!

Zonta District 15 Newsletter| |
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Current Newsletter:  October 2017

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Submit November Newsletter Info by 11/15/17 to
Zonta District 15 October 2017
Official Zonta Mission: Zonta International is a leading global organization of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy.

A Note from Governor Anna Sylvester

Fall Conference is in a few days. The anticipation of networking, celebrating Zonta Club successes, discussing serious issues that affect women and girls, and laughing with our Zonta friends is what makes a Conference great. The ability to explore, engage and empower is waiting for you at Fall Conference.
The Zonta Club of Midland has been scouring the details, assuring each item is ironed out, and folding things together to host a wonderful conference for District 15. It has been my privilege to work with the Midland Club over the last year to assure District 15 Zontians have a pleasant, memorable experience.
It will be November before you get a chance to blink. What’s happening in November? November 8 is the 98th Anniversary of Zonta International. What will your club do to celebrate?
EMEN– Every Member Every November — this is a Zonta International Foundation (ZIF) campaign requesting every member donate to the Foundation in November. Did you know that $25 USD to Let Us Learn Madagascar provides a schoolbag, notebook, pencils and other supplies for 3 students? Our USD’s go a long way when donated to ZIF.
16 Days of Activism from Nov 25-Dec 10– what is your club doing for this program?
See you at Fall Conference!
Till next month!
Governor Anna
October 20-22, 2017
The H Hotel
111 W. Main Street
Midland, MI 48640
Zonta International Foundation Report
Bonnie McArthur – Foundation Ambassador
Let’s be a 100% Club Donor District!
Only nine more clubs need to make their contribution to the Zonta International Foundation and District 15 will be at 100%. Bring your club check to the Fall Conference and let’s get it done!
Fall Conference is also a great time to make your individual donation. You choose where your contribution will go so choose the International project or education program most near and dear to your heart. Know that you are helping women across the globe, and here at home.
Look for the Foundation table between business sessions to make your donation and get your I BELIEVE button. We can accept cash, check or credit card. See you there.
Denise Sylvester
Are you attending Fall Conference?  You will have an opportunity to reach out to your Representatives and encourage them to co-sponsor the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, HR 1949.  Both of Michigan’s Senators are co-sponsors to the Senate version of this bill.  How many of Michigan’s 14 representatives do you think are co-sponsors to the House version?  Just 1 – Representative Daniel Kildee from Michigan’s 5th District.  Congressional staffers count the number of phone calls, emails, letters, post cards and web submissions to their office and take our feedback seriously.  For Fall Conference, the Advocacy Action will be addressing all Michigan Representatives and encouraging them to co-sponsor and take action on this bipartisan legislation.
Dear Rosie,
I have been a Zontian for only a year and have made many new friends, but my company is cutting back and I’m down to part-time status.  I don’t think I will be able to afford the dues.  What do I do now?
– Pinching Pennies in Port Huron
Dear Pinching,
The economy is taking a toll and Zonta has responded.  During this biennium, the International Dues have been reduced for members under the age of 30 as a Young Professional.  They are only $15.  Hopefully, this is within your means.  I’m sure your club would hate to lose a valuable member like you.

The new site is up and running. This includes all club sites that are managed under the District Site. If you have not already, please reach out to the Tech Yeah Committee with any changes you may have to your club site.  It’s important that your officers, club meeting information, and events/news are current! Click here for a website change document which you can share with the Tech Yeah committee for changes! Just fill in the form, upload in the email and add any attachments to the email and send to

Say “tech yeah!” today

Attention Areas 2, 3 & 4 – D15 Facebook Admins Needed! Intrigued? Keep Reading…

Don’t be SCARED! The skills required to excel in Facebook page management are NOT complex. Do you naturally gravitate to social media out of pure curiosity? Have a craving for creativity or an interest in emerging technology? Perhaps, most importantly, do you have an interest in connecting with and helping others online?  If you have any of the below six characteristics, you are the poster child of what makes the Perfect Facebook Admin! J
  • Social-Media Savvy: It is important that you first be active on Facebook. Likewise, let us know if you are fluent at all in Twitter,LinkedInPinterest, and/or Tumblr, or WordPress.
  • Marketing (Curious): A page admin does not need a background/degree in marketing. The candidates we are looking for should have an understanding of the imperative role a Facebook page plays in our organization’s overall online presence (i.e. informing people about who we are and what we do, increase membership, etc.).
  • Winning: As a page admin, you should be likeable (in other words, have a WINNING personality!)
  • Trustworthy: Also as a D15 Facebook page admin, you would be granted a high level of access so please keep in mind what is “Zonta-Appropriate” at all times when posting.
  • Fast on Feet (Speedy Gonzalez): Following that, there are times when page admins will have to work independently and efficiently to post items and make updates on the page.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is an added bonus. It is important to be able to go with the flow and quickly change course as that is the way of social media.
Basic Job Description/Duties: Post the events and highlights (club anniversaries, fundraisers, etc.) of the clubs of your designated D15 area in a timely, efficient manner. That is it! J
Next!  Sign up here!

Find one of the D15 PR Committee Members: Kathryn Bardins (D15 Facebook Admin & Newsletter Editor –, Raquel Boone (Co-Chair), Gail Johnson (Jill of All Trades), Denise Keipert (Area 3 Director), Adrienne McCormick (Website Guru) or Lynne Reed (Co-Chair).

Congratulations to Zonta Club of Alpena for their successful Bras Over the Bridge event on October 6, and their Breast Cancer Walk for Women on October 7.  Here is a great photo!

Their 3rd annual Fall into Fashion Fundraiser will be on Saturday, November 11, from 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. at The Fresh Palate.
Come enjoy lunch, beverages, and dessert provided by The Fresh Palate (cash bar) while enjoying a fashion show provided by Myer’s Fashions, Inc. Also included will be a silent auction. Tickets are $25 each and are available at: Myers’ Fashions Inc., Thunderbay Accounting, The Fresh Palate, and Thunder Bay Winery. All proceeds to benefit Zonta Club Of Alpena Service Projects. 
You may contact Stacey Smith at 989-657-4182 with questions.


The Zonta Club of Charlevoix’s International Women at Risk Jewelry Party will be from 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 18, at the Charlevoix Professional Building, 06479 N. M-66, across from K-Mart. Wine, hors d’oeuvres, snacks and desserts will be available. Bring a friend, browse and shop beautiful handmade products such as fashionable jewelry, scarves, Christmas ornaments and other holiday items while supporting the Zonta cause.
All proceeds from the Women at Risk Jewelry Party benefit safe houses and other projects directly impacting at-risk women and children around the world.
For more information, call Lani Ochs at (231) 547-4726.
Aran Afghan Raffle

The Zonta Club of Gaylord Area will be raffling off an heirloom-quality Aran afghan on Sunday, October 22, 2017 at noon at the Zonta 15 District Conference.  The afghan, consisting of 20 distinct Aran squares and a knitted rope border, was lovingly hand stitched by club members Anita Lawnichak, Cherie Nutter and Gina Theriault.  Tickets are available from any Gaylord Zontian or at the Gaylord booth in the Zonta Store at District Conference.  Proceeds will help to fund the club’s scholarships and projects benefiting women and girls in Otsego county and beyond.  For more information

Zonta Club of Petoskey
invites you to our 45th annual Fashion Show and Fundraising Luncheon, Saturday, November 4 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Tickets are on sale now! Click here.
Here’s a fun photo from our recent Purses and Pinot event on September 21.  We just love the color Teal!
Area 2 News and Events
We had a great time Saturday, October 7, at our 32nd Zonta Festival! Thank you everyone who attended classes, taught classes, and volunteered your time!
December 2-3

The Zonta Club of Midland in collaboration with the Alden B. Dow Home and Studio have selected five Midland area homes to showcase in their holiday splendor. Professional decorators and the homeowners have decked out each home with fun and unique holiday decorations. A variety of architectural styles are featured in this year’s walk – including mid-century modern, prairie and craftsman.

Tickets are $20 each in advance, $25 at the door. Tickets may be purchased from any Zonta Club of Midland member. Message us and a member will contact you! Tickets will be available in area retail outlets beginning November 1.

Proceeds from the Homewalk fund scholarships for women and grants for area non-profits. The club has awarded over $250,000 in schoarships and $195,000 in service grants.

November 8-12
Details at
Community Challenge
4 non-profits compete for best decorated tree
Yuletide Emporium
Professionally decorated seasonal décor
$5500 Raffle
$4000 Room makeover * $1000 Jewelry * $500 Entertainment package
Area 3 News and Events


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Have you seen the signs and flags posted by Fenton Zonta members on Owen Rd in front of Penn Financial?
Area 4 News and Events
Zonta Club of Metro Detroit

Support Zonta Club of Metro Detroit when you shop at


Welcomes our two new members!
29 June – 3 July 2018
 for the 64th Zonta International Convention

Zonta Service Recognition Award Information
The ZI Service Recognition Award documents are now available on the ZI website.  These documents have been uploaded to our members only MyZonta on the ZI website under the Tools tab and added to our Service tab. The award guidelines, district and club nomination forms can be found on this link
Please start promoting the award to the clubs in your respective districts and discuss, as needed, with Governors for district projects.
Also, please continue to encourage clubs to “Share Your Story” on the ZI website as well as social media with news and photographs of events and activities.”

The deadline for submission to Governor Anna Sylvester is 10/31/2017. We had wonderful representation last biennium – let’s do it again and let the whole world know how special District 15 is!  ~Cheryl Hall, D15 Service Chair

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