Zonta Says No to Violence Against Women

Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women & Children, 16 Days of Activism
November 25 – December 10, shining a light on this unacceptable situation.

Did you know?

– Domestic Violence and Its Effects: Every 9 seconds in the U.S. a woman is assaulted or beaten?!  Statistic from National Center Against Domestic Violence (National Statistics Domestic Violence.pdf)  Posted day one of 16 days of activism.  Nov. 25

– 41,000 girls become brides every day, often to older men.  This is 28 girls per minute; 1 of 9 is under 15 years of age!  (Another disturbing statistic = We need ACTION!)  Posted day 2 of 16 days of activism. Nov. 26

– Violence on Campus: 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men in the U.S. are targets of attempted or completed sexual assault while they are college students.  4 in 5 victims knew their attacker.  Violence on Campus is an issue that any student needs to be able to report and be heard and supported.  Posted day 3 of 16 days of activism. Nov. 27

– Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls.  Achieve gender equality for ALL – women & girls.  Posted day 4 of 16 days of activism. Nov. 28

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Little Stones Documentary

From a graffiti artist speaking out against domestic violence in the favelas of Brazil to a dancer rehabilitating sex-trafficking survivors in India, LITTLE STONES profiles four women, each of whom are contributing a stone to the mosaic of the women’s movement through their art. These four artists show that the world is full of little stones waiting to be discovered.

View the Little Stones  Documentary Official Trailer

Northern CA Premiere – San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
Little Stones will make its Northern California Premiere at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival on Monday July 24th, with a second East Bay screening on August 3rd.

Following the July 24th screening, director Sophia Kruz will appear in conversation with Catherine M. King, Head of Advocacy for Global Fund for Women, and Alon Shalev, American Jewish World Service Executive Director of San Francisco and the Western Region.

Zonta Clubs Say No to Violence Against Women

Zonta of Farmington/Novi Presents Check for $13,000 to Help Fight Domestic Violence!

At their May 2017 meeting the Zonta Club of Farmington/Novi proudly presented ($13,000) from their 23rd annual fashion event, Steppin’ Out in Style, to First Step:  Project on Domestic and Sexual Assault.  First Step is an agency in Wayne County, Michigan that provides services to support survivors of domestic & sexual violence. The addition of these proceeds make a grand total of $516,000 that the club has donated to First Step from this event alone!
 Zonta Advocacy  –   Taking Action To Raise Awareness and Educate


Silence Hides Violence! Click on the following link and check the incredible commercial that was produced by the Zonta Club of Fenton raising awareness about Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence. Zonta Club of Fenton You Tube Commercial

Zonta’s 16 Days of Activism



Nov. 25,  the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, to Dec. 10, Human Rights Day, the Zonta Cub of Gaylord Area, USA, is highlighting the goals and programs of the Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan as well as the goals of Zonta International. This year, the Zonta Club of Gaylord Area will support “Men Say No” by featuring 16 men, one on each day of the campaign. They will appear on the Zonta Club of Gaylord Facebook page. They are community leaders, businessmen, husbands, fathers, brothers and sons who are taking a public stand to help raise awareness and prevent dating violence, sexual assault and all domestic violence.

The Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan (WRCNM) makes it a priority to engage men. The WRCNM’s 100 Men Campaign addresses the belief that all men play an important role in raising funds for awareness. They also take a public stand to eliminating domestic violence.

The Zonta Club of Gaylord Area also supports “Coaching Boys into Men,” which recognizes the important role of coaches as they inspire young athletes to become men of empathy, respect and dignity. The program offers workshops and an online course for coaches. The Zonta club has sponsored one presentation for a local athletic team and seeks to contact other schools to sponsor more.

The club has also set up collection boxes, which are decorated with Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women signs and statistics, for the WRCNM’s Safe Home.

For the second year in a row, the St. Mary Cathedral School boys athletic teams have taken the white ribbon pledge, “I promise never to commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women.”  We sincerely appreciate the coaches and the Women’s Resource Center for helping to encourage these young men to stand as role models
As you are driving up I-75 North watch for our billboard!

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