Zonta Club of Alpena

Club Committees


Charter Date:

The Membership Committee is charged with recruiting new members, determining the eligibility of each person proposed for membership in the club. The committee also records and promotes attendance and reinforces the recognition that regular attendance at meetings is an essential element of the club’s stability.
The Fellowship Committee promotes fellowship among members and encourages friendliness among members. The committee also stimulates an atmosphere of hospitality at meetings when entertaining guests or visiting Zontians. This committee plans the Annual Dinner and the Holiday Dinner.
Public Relations
The Public Relations Committee uses all forms of news media to advance the objectives of Zonta International, to publicize club activities, and provide visibility for club accomplishments. Profitable relationships with the public – good public relations – are the goals of all public relations strategy.  Revitalized in 2006, the Public Relations committee developed a club website and is responsible for maintaining that website.

For more information, press release ideas, public service announcement suggestions or corporate sponsorship opportunities, please email us at zontamarquette@gmail.com.

Evergreen Award
Someone you know has been a positive role model and substantially affected your life or the life of someone close to you. It is the mission of Evergreen to find these amazing individuals and honor them. But we need your help to do so … please consider nominating the person you are thinking of right now!

The Evergreen Award is open to both men and women dedicated to supporting and mentoring women and girls and helping them to reach their leadership potential. These exceptional women and men excel in their chosen path, devote time and energy to their community in a meaningful way, and blaze trails for others to follow.Criteria- Evergreen Nominees Must:

  1. Assist and/or mentor women and girls in reaching their leadership potential
  2. Demonstrate excellence, creativity, and initiative in their business, profession and/or volunteerism
  3. Provide exceptional service by devoting time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community

Forms are available: Click Here. For questions please contact zontamarquette@gmail.com.

Submission deadline is September 9th. 

Federated Clubhouse
The Federate Clubhouse Committee provides communication between the Federation and Zonta, as we are members of the Federation and share responsibility for the finances and operations of the Clubhouse.

Intercity/International Committee
The Intercity/International committee promotes fellowship with neighboring Zonta clubs and plans the annual dinner with the Iron Mountain Area Zonta Club. The committee also promotes contacts with clubs and Zontian’s worldwide, planning programs to improve international relations.

Program Committee
The Program Committee prepares and arranges presentations for all club program meetings. The members of the Program Committee should work with all other committees to gather information for completing the Achievement Form and Biennial Program Issue of The Zontian.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is responsible for developing the annual operating budget and for presenting it in April to the board and in May to the membership for action by each. The Finance Committee is also responsible for recommending fund-raising activities to the board and the club and for directing and coordinating all such activities.

Z Club and Golden Z Club Committees
The Z-Club Committee promotes the organization of the Z-Clubs at Area High Schools and serves in an advisory capacity to the organized clubs.

The Golden Z-Club Committee promotes the organization of the Golden Z-Club at Northern Michigan University and serves in an advisory capacity to organized clubs.


The Service Committee is responsible for all service activities of the club. The Zonta ideal of service is one of the foundations of Zonta International. There is a two-fold approach to service for Zontian’s – monetary and personal.

i. Grants Committee – the committee accepts applications from the community and selects grant recipients for the year.

ii. Status of Women Committee – The committee manages the many scholarships that are given out each year and also conducts the Rose Day Event. During Rose Day, nominees from the community are recognized for their outstanding contribution to the advancement of the status of women and are invited to a luncheon, recognized with a laudatory passage, given a rose and a certificate.

The Club has fundraising activities; the major one being the Koeze nuts which occurs in the Fall of each year.  It supports the grants and scholarships given each year.

Club Policy & Procedures Manual Committee
This committee is responsible for keeping the Clubs manual up-to-date and available for club members.

Public Relations/Archival Committee
Press releases and other activities are managed by this committee.  In addition, a yearbook is developed each year to capture all of the year’s activities for archival and PR purposes.

Literacy Adopt-a-School Committee
This committee maintains contact with our designated school to determine their needs with regard to literacy.