Spring Workshops

    District 15 Spring Workshop Agenda

    The Power of Your Why

    Sunday April 23, 2023 1-3 pm

    • Welcome
    • Cooking Up Good Ideas – bring or send in advance your favorite recipe. We’ll break into small groups to share why the recipe is important to us.
    • District Board Updates
    • Governors Message
    • Advocacy Updates
    • Foundation Update
    • Fundraising – understanding the why behind your fundraising, what’s working for you?
    • Membership – how your why impacts membership growth, sharing your Zonta why in your elevator speech
      Breakout sessions (your choice which to attend):


      • Recruiting new members – sharing best practices
      • Engaging new members – onboarding and engaging for commitment
      • Retain and Refresh – engaging all members
    • Important Dates and Closing

    The event is free and registration is required! Click here to register.

    Send your recipe to d15area2director@zonta15.org